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” Articles and News about “Canvass Bistro and Bar” and the Team behind it”

Opening During The Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry is one of the hardest hit – people are afraid to go out and that means no walk-in customers. Takeaway orders are never going to be generating the same amount of income like brick and mortar businesses.

Restaurants that have little or no backing would shut as they are unable to pay rental and salaries with the reduction in sales. While these outlets have fallen, some are opening up. Why did they do it and how are they wading through this unpredictable period for F&B businesses?

Canvass Bistro & Bar – Eat Drink KL

When a Copenhagen-origin chef and a Dhaka-born mixologist band together to open a Nordic-influenced restaurant with a genuine, generous heart for sustainability, the result is one of KL’s best new eateries of 2020.

We spent five hours on a recent weekend at Canvass, relishing a parade of beautifully crafted courses and cocktails that tell a tale of tremendous thought and effort. 

Canvass Bistro & Bar – The Yum List

I first went to Old Malaya in KL over three years ago and I fell in love with that little nook and the architecture of the colonial-style buildings. It’s been a mystery to me why people don’t pack out this hidden gem. Hopefully, now we will see a revival of the area, with the introduction of Canvass to Old Malaya, I will certainly be going back often.

Canvass KL – Thirst Magazine

Sustainability is all we talk about these days for ethical businesses. There is a part in every industry that can engage in environmentally conscious practices, and we all want to do what is good for us, not to mention how it elevates the company’s image.

The food and drinks industry seems to be at the forefront of this. But how easy is it to execute an idea like that and strike the balance in terms of time and finances?

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