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Seasonal Drink Menu

For us our cocktail bar means we love tastes that work. From specific precise small drinks to be paired to drinks that just hit the spot. 

Serving our, or your, favorite classics to our newest created additions from our evolving and rotating drinks menu. 

We actively look into the development of tastes from a wide range of ingredients that come to the bar from the kitchen. We then discuss and develop drinks where mouthfeel and texture – words more commonly heard in the kitchen – now are involved in our drinks evaluation. 

Bartender and chef co-creates various aromatic elements that are used to develop and create tastes that makes sense for us.

Pickles, fermentations, kombuchas, kefirs and much more plays a part in the techniques we use to add to the products we can get our hands on from our suppliers.

We try to find products from all over the world made by creative, unique and also traditional brew masters and distillers. An eye is kept on more unique bottles and of course producers that produce their wines or spirits with a commitment to sustainability and recycling.

We do all this with an eye on the possible carbon foot print this has for a bar situated in South East Asia. 

We are sustainable but also committed to hedonism – a middle way we try to balance. We do what we can. 

A 13th century monk, Arnaud de Villeneuve, is quoted as saying about alcohol;- “It prolongs life, clears away ill humors, revives the heart and maintains youth.” 

All we know is that a good drink is an art form that is best enjoyed in moderation, a pleasant environment and in the best of company


Most of our wine is made by friends, whose vineyards we know and whose journeys we share. It’s honest wine made with love and care by people who are farmers first, who tend their grapes without using any chemicals and who let the winemaking take its natural course. We believe wine made in this way tastes better, is more vibrant and suits our food perfectly.


Beer is something that, when done with the right amount of passion and technique, can easily compete with wine in complexity and taste. We keep a rotating selection of locally brewed beers on tap, along with a bottle list of favorites. 


We believe “tea” should have a distinctive taste that evokes its origins. Since we are working with local ingredients on our menus, we have chosen to exploit the flavors of our local terroir for our infusions. We offer a selection, which is based on different combinations of dried fruits, leaves and berries, most of which are grown in our garden right behind the restaurant.


When selecting spirits for our program we break with convention and ask one simple question – do we like this ourselves? True to our heritage we play around with schnapps or aquavit using bog myrtle and other herbs from our garden.

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