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We want to make sure that we can provide a food experience that you can enjoy and we can feel proud of. Healthy food with lots of intent.

Bistronomy, for us, is about having the comfort flavours we crave along with an offering of different ideas and even surprising twists too.

Everyday before service we go over our ingredients in the kitchen to serve the freshest we can offer today.

Some of our “signature” dishes will be a main feature while a lot of dishes will rotate in and out of the menu.

The menu should be read from lighter dishes in size/taste to heavier dishes. Creating an easy menu to share among friends sized well to allow for many different taste experiences before reaching a limit.

Below is a current example of our menu



Tartare style ‘salad’ of cured salmon with apple, beet root, sweet mustard sauce 24  Brioche roast beef open-faced sandwich with remoulade, crispy onions & lacto cucumber 27

Beef tartare of Australian angus, with free range organic egg yolk & home made pickles 29 

Variation of sweet potatoes as crispy crunchy nuggets with sunflower seed aioli 25 

 Beef cheek bolognese with leeks and lemony-ricotta sourdough agnolotti 27

Seared Japanese scallops & fried cauliflower with soybean-cauliflower veloute 36 

Poached king prawn wonton dumplings in a sambal spiced tomato coconut bisque 33 

Crispy fried confit duck with fermented bequino chilli & cranberry kosho 26 

Snack of deep fried potato-eclairs on a homemade potato enriched aioli 20 

Seared Spanish octopus in charred potato dashi with onions & roasted potato 45 

Seared black-kale wrapped free-range chicken nuggets with curry dip & chopped kimchi  32

Oldfashioned chicken rillete with rye crisps, homemade lactofermented cucumber & mustard 27

Herloom tomato salad and a bio-diverse pesto (made from all things green) & organic feta 28

Local barley risotto creamed with pumpkin topped w kale, heirloom beans & toasted walnuts 30

Danish style “fiske frikadeller” pan seared snapper “fish cakes” w. parsley sauce & “remoulade” 32

Charred fresh and marinated heirloom beans w crumbled feta & 63 degrees free range egg 26

Wholewheat sourdough chicken ravioli with a ‘parmesan’ sauce, pinenuts & lacto-tomato salsa 32

Free range angus flank steak slow cooked and seared with jus and organic lemon kosho 79

“Ceasars” w. tender egg, boquerones & crouton on kale, cavolo nero, cauliflower & amaranth leaves 30

“W’s crispy cheese sourdough toast” baked and torched with lacto tomato & herb spread 26

Moist and tender crispy seared chicken on creamy leek & amaranth w a salsa verde 41

Free range NZ braised beef cheek with “toasted” mash potatoes, jus & pickled beetroots 70

Oldfashioned ragu of new zeeland lamb leg with tender potato gnocchi & Danish havarti cheese 45




Crisp coffee-bean chip & chocolate brownie layered w a mascarpone-milk cream 12 rm

A small bite sized sweet & savory snack for chocolate cravings

Tart strawberry ‘porridge’ with white chocolate & cream cremoux 14 rm

“Rødgrød med fløde & hvid chokolade”

Baked chocolate mousse with caramel, thickened cream & redfruit licourice coulis 22 rm

“Our not so sweet but still intense flour free chocolate cake”

Compote of apple & sweet fermented turnip layered with a yoghurt & sour cream 20 rm

… topped with caramelised crispy oats & buckwheat for crunch

“Danish old fashioned style apple compote dessert”

Sweet creamy “pudding” of local sticky rice cooked in organic soy milk & cream 22 rm

with citrus-gooseberry sauce and crumble of poppy & sesame seeds



Enjoy a custom  personalized set menu focused on  our healthy sustainable  core values where we use the best of imported and local ingredients, every menu  is unique. 

– – – 

If you would like to plan your next event at Canvass please contact us for a fully columnized menu.

Phone: +6012 329 2820


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