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We want to make sure that we can provide an experience that you can enjoy and we can be proud of, despite the current 22:00 curfew. Therefore we will only be offering one menu for the time being. 

Our Menu consist of 3 separate menus, our “Dine in Menu” which is available every day from 18.00 Onwards followed by our “Bar Snack” Menu which will be Available from 22.00 Onwards.

For our “Chef’s Table Private Dining” guests we will custom make special menus . There is a special menu focused on local seafoods and healthy biodiverse use of vegetables and herbs.


Risotto of local barley & hato mugi with pumpkin & sugar snaps topped with seeds & walnuts

Poached king prawn wanton dumplings in a light spiced tomato coconut bisque

Warm confit of salmon with sauce ‘nage’ of cauliflower & spinach cream

Cured salmon, apple & beet tartare with sweet mustard sauce

Beef tartare of Australian Angus with slow cooked free range egg yolk, salsa verde & pickles

Crispy fried crunchy sweet potato nuggets with sunflower seed aioli

Heirloom tomato salad in a bio-diverse pesto (made from all things green) & parmegiano

Chicken rillete with a rye crips, homemade lacto fermented cucumber & mustard

Danish style “Fiske Frikadeller” pan seared barramundi “Fish cakes” with parsley sauce & “Remulade”

Whole-wheat sourdough ravioli with chicken topped with a “parmesan” sauce, pine nuts & lacto tomato salsa

Gnocchi in a lamb sausage ragout topped with kale & havarti cheese

Slow Braised Australian boneless lamb leg in its glace with carrot puree & greens

Free range Angus beef cheek with “toasted” mash potatoes, demi glace & pickled beetroot


Tart strawberry ‘porridge’ with white chocolate & cream cremoux

Baked chocolate mousse with caramel, thickened cream & redfruit licorice coulis

Compote of apple & sweet fermented turnip layered with a yoghurt & sour cream topped with caramelised crispy oat & buckwheat


Beef carpaccio, salsa verde & yellow curry coulis

Dild cured snapper in tart tomato jus & our fresh sweet and spice mustard sauce

Sweet crusted potato nuggets with plant-based aioli

Chicky-cheesu-yaki with lacto-fermented tomato sauce

Bio-diverse hommous with home-made pickles of cucumber, beet root, pearl onion & carrots

W’s sourdough cheese toast – sourdough bread baked with mozzarella, parmigiano & cheddar

Fried donut of ‘Potato Dauphine’ with a classic aioli dip

Australian beef cheek ragu on mash with demi glace styled gravy


Enjoy a custom  personalized set menu focused on  our healthy sustainable  core values where we use the best of imported and local ingredients, every menu  is unique. 

– – – 

If you would like to plan your next event at Canvass please contact us for a fully columnized menu.

Phone: +6012 329 2820

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