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Ethos and Philosophy

” Sustainable hedonism!”

Our sustainable commitment is based on these considerations:

Our food has a focus on the use of healthy, bio-diverse ingredients. With a lot of vegetables but always with comfort food tastes in mind.

The rush for the best imported ingredients can sustain the industry and the planet for maybe a decade longer.

Many concepts are based on volume focused food chains that are out of balance and disruptive to the health of the planet and people both.

We commit to create taste and joy in more long term ethical ways. More planet friendly and sustainable ways.

All our produce, will as much as possible, follow a sustainable planet friendly path. We are aware of the value of restorative farming and will adhere to the use of ingredients that also has this value.

What is healthy for the planet is healthy for us. We pair our ingredients with sustainably in mind so to say. Bio-diversity is the future for farming and we are working with this in mind already.

Fermenting and pickling allows us to use more ingredients and more importantly, MORE of the ingredient while we add other main ingredients to this part of our cooking.

We re-use our food waste before we work to apply this on composting. Composting allows us to help our soil to be healthier AND to keep the food waste far away from landfills.

Being sustainable also means that our regular menu rotates as we work with the suppliers. The farmers and the fishermen.

A sustainable Bistro, in our minds, means a creative affordable kitchen with a world of technique & tastes. Focused on quality before quantity at reasonable prices.

This level of enlightened hospitality is no longer a choice but a must.

We will not hesitate to collaborate with our community of vendors and colleagues in sustainable practices.

Our vision of Hedonism is based on the need for a culinary balance.

We understand our human nature.

We personally live to eat. Thus we must have delicious food. Cooking healthy and deliciously is this balance between taste, memories and tradition.

When we need to use some ingredients less “sustainable” or “less” healthy, we will find ways to balance this.

Some of our dishes are purely hedonic and others are more focused on health. Most of our dishes has this balance built in already. The choice of course is in the hand of our Guests.

Some foods are healthy for the body and some are more aimed at being healthy for the mental aspect of our cravings.

Hedonism means we always remain focused on this balance, while we apply our sustainability concerns to the world as we live it. Working to ensure a sustainable future.

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